We’ve been exploring the Ardnamurchan area for years and, in the process, found our favourite walks. All you need to do is pull on your walking boots, choose a route to try and start your adventure discovering the wild side of Loch Sunart’s sensational surrounding landscape.

There are so many charted walks for you to choose from, which cater to all interests and abilities, so whether you fancy taking a casual stroll along the shoreline, a more challenging trek in the hills, or a wildlife-focused trail, you’ll find the right route for you around the perimeter of Loch Sunart.

When you’re deciding which walks you want to try during your visit, you need to consider the three T’s - terrain, time and territory.


How long a walk do you want to take today? You don’t need to go far to come across breathtaking scenery and panoramic views of Scotland’s wild coastline, so we’d recommend starting with a shorter route and building up to a longer and more challenging route once you’ve found your feet. This consideration is especially important if you’re not an experienced rambler. Some of the paths include sections affected by the tide or the weather, so please do ask the advice of our expert host when you arrive, if you aren’t sure about timings.


What is the ground like underfoot throughout the route? Some of the walks will cover a variety of terrain from start to finish and it’s always better to know that there’s a steep hill or muddy section to navigate before you start out.


Many visitors don’t realise there is a law of trespass in Scotland, so there are some parts of Ardnamurchan that you shouldn’t stray into. That said, the local residents, land owners and farmers are a friendly bunch and many allow walking routes to pass through their territory. The best way to stay safe on a cross country walk is to stay on a pre-trodden path.

To see the full list of walks that are on your doorstep, take a look at West Highland Peninsulas Walks. Or, select a type of walk you’d like to try from below: