Local forecasts and webcams

We want you to feel prepared ahead of your trip, so keep a close eye on the local weather forecast and midge forecast to help you pack your suitcase! You can also have a look and see what's going on at the cottages and on the loch with our live webcam feed. If you tune in around dusk, you might even spot some of the local wildlife.

Tune in to our live feed

We will soon be bringing a live webcam feed to see what Loch Sunart and the cottages are like without having to leave your seat. Watch this space!

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Managing the midges

Our aim is to help you make the most of your visit to Ardnamurchan and ensure you enjoy every minute of your stay with us. One way we do that is to provide a very effective midge-eating machine in each of our cottages. This machine attracts the midges to it, rather than them being attracted to you, which allows you to enjoy the outdoor space around the cottage without being bothered by insects.

If you’ve ever visited Scotland in the summer, you may have encountered Scottish midges before. The good news is that these little nuisances are not present in autumn, spring or winter, so the easiest way to avoid midges is to visit us outside of the summer season.

But summer is one of the best times to visit the area, so we don’t want you to miss out on the beautiful summer sunsets and warm weather just because of the inconvenience of some unpleasant insects.

Midges like damp and shady conditions, so they tend to start appearing in June around bodies of water first thing in the morning and as the evening draws in.

Try these chemical-free ways to repel midges:

  1. Wear light-coloured clothing.
  2. If you want to stop and sit, find a spot with a breeze to help keep them away.
  3. Wear an anti-midge hat.
  4. Stay in the sunshine. Midges hate being in direct strong sunlight.
  5. Close windows and doors if you have lights on indoors.
  6. Make sure the midge-eating machine is switched on, especially first thing in the morning and in the evening.

The alternative is to pack some bug repellent in your suitcase. We would recommend all guests come prepared and bring some midge repellent with them because it’s so easy to pick up from chemists and pharmacies and having some extra protection on-hand, if you are unfortunate enough to be sharing your trip to Loch Sunart with some particularly persistent midges, would only be a good thing

For an up-to-date Scottish Midge Forecast, visit: smidgeup.com/midge-forecast

Weather and tide times