Local beaches

Local beaches

You’d be forgiven for not knowing that the west peninsula of the Scottish Highlands is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK. The temperatures may not be tropical, but the unpolluted waters around Ardnamurchan are warmed by the Gulf Stream, so the secluded white-sand beaches with sweeping costal views and pristine sands are still well worth a visit.

The clear seawater can be enjoyed from many gently-sloping, spotlessly clean beaches. Whether you’re on the beach to relax, capture the scenery or be brave and take a dip in the water, you will be enchanted by the sands and the subtly-tinted by traces of colour from the shoreline rocks.

There are so many secluded coves and beautiful stretches of open coastline along the Ardnamurchan peninsula, we’ve handpicked our favourite three spots to make sure you get the best of Ardnamurchan’s beaches.

1. Sanna Bay

The fabulous beaches of Sanna and Portuairk offer amazing views of Ardnamurchan Point and the Small Isles. It has pristine white sand and turquoise water and it’s also home to plenty of wildlife that live in the dunes and small rocky outcrops. In spring and summer, the dunes are rich with colour as the wildflowers bloom. Sanna Bay is a favourite with artists and photographers.

2. Bay of the Flies

The Bay of Flies, near Sunart is a natural harbour that historically was used by the Vikings to store their boats, and in more recent history, to export goods. At low tide, you can explore the harbour’s beach where otters and seals play along the shoreline and coastal birds nest in the rocky outcrops. From the beach, there are spectacular views across Loch Sunart and on to the wooded shoreline of Glencripesdale.

3. Camus nan Geall

This is only a small inlet, but it’s very impressive. The shingle bay is scattered with charming coastal flora and the rocks and boulders that frame the bay are dotted with colorful lichens that form beautiful mosaic-like patchwork. Ardnamurchan peninsula. Look out for otters, cormorants and white-tailed eagles as you breath in the surroundings. You could even spot a golden eagle on his way across the bay to the heath and hills. The shoreline is also fascinating at low tide thanks to the wealth seaweeds and kelp forests that thrive on the submerged rocks.

Stay on the shores on Loch Sunart

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